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January 17th 2023 - Motor Show, Brussels Expo

Congres Laadinfra ‘23

De gelegenheid om experts te ontmoeten en een antwoord te vinden op een belangrijke vraag:

Is de Belgische laadinfrastructuur klaar voor de EV-ambities?


According to forecasts, 1.5 million electric cars will be on the road in Belgium by 2030. This is good news for the national, European and international climate plan!

But will the energy network be able to meet the resulting explosion in demand? And if there is enough energy, will the distribution network and charging infrastructure be able to cope with the demand for electric kilometres?

How many charging stations does Belgium need to install if it wants to meet the European CO2 target? Studies show that one charging point per ten electric cars is a minimum. If we expect to see one million electric cars on the road in Belgium by 2030, it will not be easy to have 100,000 charging points by then. But will the energy grid be able to cope with the resulting explosion in demand? Will the distribution network and charging infrastructure be able to cope with the demand for electric kilometres?

Based on these and other questions, we will split into plenary and several breakout sessions, covering topics such as zero emission, charging infrastructure implementation, strategy, lessons learned, modalities and the future.

Congress Laadinfra 23
P - WYSIWYG - Alignment Center

Practical info


Lydia Peeters
Flemish Minister of Mobility and Public Works

Alain Maron
Minister of the Brussels Government

Andreas Cremer
CEO Febiac

Joost Kaesemans
Director of public relations & public policy at Touring

Koen Kennis
Antwerp's Alderman for Mobility and Chairman of the Antwerp Transport Zone

Catherine Lenaerts
Managing Director of Febelauto

Joeri van Mierlo
Professor at University Brussels

Bram Seeuws
Policy Manager for e-hubs and corporate mob points at Autodelen.net

Jan Vaes Program
Program Manager Electrochemistry Excellence Center

Lucas Bossaert
Senior EV location intelligence expert

Hans Van Sebroeck
Sustainable & mobility expert Fluvius

Philippe Jacquemyns
Product Manager at Volvo Trucks

Andrew Rutgers
CEO ChargeSim


• AAtechnics
• Alfen
• Allego
• Autodelen.net
• Avere
• BP Europa
• Office of the Brussels Minister for the Environment
• ChargeSim
• Connexxion Taxi Services
• Consillium Asset Management
• Daimler Buses | EvoBus Belgium
• DATS 24
• SKV Mobility
• Electric by D’leteren
• Efinance Belgium
• Electrowerken De Proft
• Eneco eMobility
• Enovates
• E-RS Belgium
• Equans
• Euroloop
• EV Belgium
• FastNed
• Febelauto
• Febiac
• Flows
• Fluvius
• Green Caravan
• Homefashion Group
• J&T Autolease
• Kersten Technische Bedrijven
• Kuwait Petroleum North-West Europe – Q8
• Maxi DM
• MCA Facilities
• MVConsultancy
• Myenergi
• OG Clean Fuels
• Polestar
• Powerdale
• Provincie Flevoland
• Q-Park
• Rabobank
• RetailSonar
• Sparki
• SPIE Belgium
• Ville d’Anvers
• Ville de Gand
• Storm Management
• TankPro
• The New Drive
• TotalEnergies
• Touring
• TUC Rail
• TÜV Nederland
• Ubitricity Gesellschaft für verteilte Energiesysteme
• Le gouvernement flamand
• Volvo Trucks
• University Brussels VUB
• Wallbox Chargers

When ?

Tuesday 17 January 2023

It is possible to attend the conference in person, but also online, both in French and in Dutch.

Where ?


Place de Belgique 1
1020 Brussel


Parking: www.brussels-expo.com/visiteurs/parking


Low Emission Zone

The Brussels-Capital Region is a Low Emission Zone (LEZ). Check here lez.brussels whether your vehicle (car or van) can drive in the Brussels region's LEZ. Does your vehicle not meet the access criteria? You can buy a one-day pass or opt for the alternative mobility offers to get around in these Low Emission Zones.

If your vehicle is registered abroad, you must register it free of charge at https://lez.brussels/mytax/fr/registration in order to drive in the Low Emission Zones (except for vehicles registered in the Netherlands).