Since this was part of the driving licence programme, young drivers have known where the windscreen washer fluid, oil plug or brake fluid expansion tank are. The youngest may have already had the opportunity to replace the brake pads or change a filter. Today, what do we need to look out for on our modern cars?

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Some simple controls that are accessible to all help avoid a visit to the garage.

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  • Tyre condition: between the tyre treads, there are small beads. These are the wear indicators. If the tyre surface is level with the indicators, your tyres need to be replaced.
  • Tyre pressure: equipped with a small pressure gauge, you can check the tyre pressure. This is because poor pressure can cause premature wear, increased fuel consumption and reduced road handling. The recommended pressure is indicated on a label in the driver's door opening or inside the fuel filler flap of your car. It is also clearly stated in the user manual.
  • Windscreen wipers: their condition is obvious when it rains. If their efficiency no longer suits you, you can go to your spares store and replace them yourself.
windscreen wipers maintenance
  • Washer fluid: check it regularly so as not to end up on the road with an empty tank. Under the bonnet, the cap is often blue with a windscreen and water jet symbol. Remember to adapt the liquid to the outdoor temperature to avoid freezing.
  • Lubrication: if your car is not fitted with an electronic oil dipstick, check the level every 10,000km. A cloth is all that is needed: submerge it under the bonnet and check the level. If the oil level is slightly low, top up with the oil specified by the manufacturer. Please note: do not use just any type of oil!
oil lubrification maintenance
  •  Care: good interior and exterior cleaning allows you to analyse your car in every way and detect any problems.     
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Your dealer is of course your first point of contact if you have any doubts or questions. Remember, it's about your safety.

Modern car electronics demand the correct knowledge and equipment. Maintaining your car yourself is not something you can improvise – professionals have the necessary skills.

Following the manufacturer's maintenance document is essential, it is a requirement to benefit from the warranty, but it also guarantees the longevity of your car.

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