Cars are excellent means of transport thanks to their flexibility, comfort and availability. However, it is sometimes possible to improve your mobility by opting for multimodality.

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It is important to check the traffic situation before you set off. As you approach a city with congested access roads, you may find it useful to leave your vehicle in a congestion-relief car park and take another means of transport to reach your destination.

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transit car park

In a city centre, it’s often more efficient to leave your car in a strategic place and continue on foot or with a shared vehicle (with or without an engine). Or use public transport. Similarly, if the traffic gets too bad, leaving your car in a car park and continuing with another means of transport can be an effective solution to avoid being late.

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Another solution to improve your mobility is to share the journey by joining a carpool, either as a driver or a passenger. There are online platforms or apps offering this type of service.

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car sharing mobility

You can also hire a car close to the destination to complete long journeys started with another means of transport. There are even online services and apps that individuals can use to lease vehicles to each other.

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What alternatives are there?

The following alternative solutions are also available:

  • walking
  • folding bikes
  • (electric or non-electric) bike sharing
  • scooter sharing
  • car sharing
  • public transport
  • taxis or chauffeur-driven cars
  • car pooling
  • car rental at your destination
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