Expecting a child doesn't stop you from driving. There are no specific contraindications unless advised otherwise by your gynaecologist. Your belly will take up more space, though, and it will be a bit more difficult to get comfortable. As you approach your due date, labour could start at any moment, so stay alert! In the meantime, enjoy every step of the way until your baby is born.

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Travel in the best conditions

Advice is always beneficial, but never replaces the opinion of a healthcare specialist. Consult your doctor about your pregnancy and the journeys you take. If you have a long journey ahead of you, they can prescribe an anti-spasmodic or anti-nausea drug for your comfort.

Always pay attention to these precautions:

  1. Keep your seat belt away from your neck. Pass it over your shoulder and between your chest. The lower part should be under your abdomen and not on your stomach. Belt adaptors are available for better support and positioning. Wearing it remains compulsory.
    seat belt pregnant
  2. Your seat should be adjusted so that it is not obstructed by the steering wheel and your feet can move freely. If you're a passenger, you'll have more room to stretch out your legs  in the front . A small cushion placed behind your back will give you more comfort.
  3. Driving style should be smooth and regular with no abrupt or jerky movements. Regular breaks are encouraged to stretch your legs and aid blood circulation. 
  4. Do not drive if you suffer from high blood pressure or severe anaemia, if your diabetes is poorly controlled, if there is a risk of premature delivery or if your pregnancy is at risk. In the event of fatigue or severe nausea, postpone your trip.
  5. The passenger airbag must not be deactivated. In the event of an impact, it will protect you and your baby.
  6. Always take the following with you: a bottle of water and small snacks, your medication, your medical file with the contact details of the doctors who are monitoring you, and the person to contact in the event of an emergency.
  7. In the event of an accident, even if minor, consult your doctor. An ultrasound scan will calm your fears.
  8. After giving birth, wait 3 weeks before getting behind the wheel again and 6 weeks in the case of a Caesarean section.


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