Whether you consider them as a solution for sustainable mobility or a heresy stemming from the imagination of a wealthy American, electric motorcycles are starting to appear on our roads. Innovations are usually criticised and have to make their way. Motorcycling is all about enthusiasm, so let’s see how this bend is negotiated. 

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Biker reviews

After having tried out what many bikers say doesn't deserve name of motorcycling, impressions are very different from the prejudices. “What silence, what a peach, what freedom!” Not having the ubiquitous exhaust and engine noise of an ICE makes it possible for the rider to hear the environment more closely. For heavy road users, the electric solution doesn't seem to be an option yet, but it’s recognised as a real motorcycle, enjoyable, easy and pleasant. It would even be an ideal solution for commuters. 

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The offer

The first arrivals on our markets were not perfect. But today, with range of up to 360km and fast charging systems, this could appeal to those looking for a mobility solution. There are many electric two-wheeler manufacturers around the world. But here, Zero Motorcycles and Energica are currently the only two 100% electric manufacturers. Three traditional brands offer electric motorcycles in their range: Harley-Davidson with the LiveWire, BMW Motorrad with the CE 04 scooter and KTM with the FREERIDE E-XC. The most complete and successful offering is the Zero Motorcycles offer, which is probably the equivalent of Tesla in the car domain.

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Prices (basic catalogue price incl. VAT) as of 5/11/2021 (indicative values only)

  • Zero Motorcycles: 7 models from €13,000 to €24,000
  • Energica: 3 models from €25,877 to €30,141
  • Harley-Davidson:  1 model at €34,000
  • BMW Motorrad: 1 model at €12,250
  • KTM: 1 model at €11,149

Find here the complete list of all 100% electric models on the Belgian market (2021): 

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The good news

  • In Belgium, the Federal Government grants a discount on the purchase of an electric motorbike in the form of a direct tax reduction. The vehicle must be new in order to benefit from the tax break of 15% of the purchase value, up to a maximum of €3,040.
  • There is no road tax in Flanders.
  • The cost of recharging represents around 1/3 of the fuel consumption of an internal combustion engine.


Maintenance costs are significantly reduced. Fewer fluids, direct transmission, no filters or spark plugs, etc.

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